Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that I don’t understand. Never understood it. Why do I care how you feel about me or what I’m doing  or not doing?

I’ve never had a drink of alcohol. I’ve never done any sort of drugs or smoked a cigarette. It’s not for religious reasons nor was I forbidden from doing so when I was young. I just chose many years ago not to do those things. If I do something stupid, I’ll own up to it. If I had to choose a phrase that sends me up to level 9 in anger, it would be, “It’s not my fault. I was drunk/high.”

I’m nearing the end of a 30-day smoothie challenge. It’s just a way to add veggies and a healthy moment in your day. We’ve all learned great daily recipes, nutritional facts and give each other tips.

I’ve been getting very frustrated with updates as of late because some of the participants are getting discouraged. What is the underlying reason that they are all losing faith in themselves? Peer pressure.

“People look at me funny when I drink so much water.”

“My friends are making fun of me and think the smoothies look gross.”

Is this normal? Does this kind of childish nonsense actually happen outside of elementary school?

With the understanding that I’m coming at this with my own prejudices of  ‘grow up and live your own life’, I just don’t get it. I wish there was something I could say that magically makes these people feel stronger within themselves.

I have 36 years of experience of not caring. I went through high school not having a single person mess with me about not drinking alcohol. It’s because they all knew I wouldn’t break, nor would I stand for that behaviour. I have had a LOT more practice at it then these nice people.

I hope you realize that, if you quit because of THEM, you’re actually quitting because of YOU. You were unable to withstand the horror of words. Words that are uttered by children on a playground.  Suck it up.  We’ll be sad and disappointed in you if you don’t. Well, I will be.

Hoping I was going to say something nice? Well, I’m not that nice. But I am honest.

I also want these people to be able to tell those “friends” to piss off 🙂

Again, I’m not that nice.

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