Money does, in fact, buy happiness

Money can’t buy happiness. We’ve all heard that saying. The point behind it is for you to picture a millionaire sitting in his mansion, surrounded by opulence and treasures. But he is alone. There is no love for him even though he has everything in the world. How could he possibly be happy without someone to love?

I call bullshit. If this was true then all the homeless would be skipping around and whistling a happy tune.

I don’t have any money. I make just enough to pay my bills and MAYBE have $30 if I was able to find meat at the grocery store for 50 percent off. Do you know how that makes me feel?

Unhappy. Trapped. Scared.

If I had an income of only a few hundred extra dollars, I could take classes. I wouldn’t have to worry about vet emergencies, which bring on THAT decision. I could travel. I could pursue interests that have been shelved for years because they aren’t as important as keeping our heads above water.

I would like very much to be able to buy items from family owned stores instead of the discount places. The irony is that I have to buy from the discount store, because I must save that $10.

I could also, finally, give back to those who have helped me. I have this dream of being able to drop off a cheque every month to the food bank. I want to bring bags of food to the animal shelter and thick blankets and toys.

That would make me really happy.

Money does, in fact, buy happiness.

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2 Responses to Money does, in fact, buy happiness

  1. Jason says:

    I agree…..I’m poor, and being poor sucks. And while having money may not buy absolute happiness, it sure as heck can buy you a certain degree of happiness. Not having to worry about bills, being able to buy things you want, and having the overall freedom that having money brings can sure buy a lot of happiness!

  2. Solo says:

    Webster, most research actually points in the direction of money definitely buying happiness. Up to a point. I think the latest numbers that I have seen was about 50k a year. As in, your happiness continues to increase as you make more money (and are able to afford basic necessities + a bit more), until you reach about 50k a year after which it trails off. So, you are right on.

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