The Grand Canyon

You know how people try to put their own insignificance into perspective by comparing you to the galaxy or whatever? It doesn’t work because, more than likely, you’ve never seen the vast expanse of space first-hand.

Several years ago, my guy and I took the “Ultimate Family Vacation”. We drove to Mount St. Helens, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc….. It was really awesome.

Anyway, I had a very eye-opening and mind blowing moment when we got to the GC. The first thing we realized is how strange the other side looks.  Like it’s just a painting. Danny put it very succinctly, “It’s like your brain can’t even comprehend how huge it is so it makes you ‘see’ it as a painting.”


Look how small the people look against that tilted rock. That tilted rock is a pebble in relation to that canyon.


I’m looking down at the Colorado River.


The average width is 300 feet across. When you’re up that high, it seems the width of two fingers. What I was realizing at this moment was, if I fell over the edge you would NOT see me from the top. I further understood that I’m only standing on an itty bitty piece of land on this planet. I finally had that big moment of clarity.


That moment wasn’t a negative. It just clicked into place that I wasn’t special in the grand scheme of things. I’ve never been one to think of myself as better than others but, in that moment, my ego really took a beating.

When I have an accident, so what? I’m not the first and there’s always someone else whom has had an accident 20 times worse. When I suffer loss, again, I’m not the first and certainly not the last and don’t deserve special treatment. When I feel embarrassment, I now embrace it and turn it into a positive moment for myself to laugh at because I know nobody else will care the next day. At least I can remember it with a giggle instead of beating myself up.

The biggest was a real life changer. I stopped letting other people control how I feel and live. It makes no sense to do that when there are billions of people out there and yet I’m not living my life for myself?? I was so concerned with how this one person would make fun of me or be disappointed in my choices that it made me angry and defensive before even speaking.  I don’t do that anymore.

I sound like an idiot trying to explain how the Grand Canyon changed my life  😛

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