I’ve been with my guy now for 5 years. We’re ridiculously well matched and it’s fairly easy to be together.  There are things I hate about him but the feeling is mutual so, yay!

I’ve always had a very crass sense of humour. It’s difficult to find people that share my style and it didn’t happen until I began doing stand-up. We met while in a competition, so he got an immediate and full frontal dose of what I find funny. Btw, he kicked my ass in the contest  🙂  Around a year later, we began dating and went on a two-week road trip. Stuck in a car together 24/7 and it was wicked awesome. I think we both knew that since we both came out of it alive and laughing, we would be okay.

A defining moment happened very recently between us that I’d like to share.

My mother passed away this past March from her alcoholism. We weren’t particularly close due to her drinking and I have been fine with that for a long time. When she died, it wasn’t a surprise. I felt really bad for my Dad though, because he tried so very very hard to keep her with us.

Anyways, we may not have been close but she was still my mom and as with most people dealing with a loss, you get caught off guard with little moments. The smell of a perfume, maybe a song on the radio. Sadly, there are only a handful of good memories but those few I have, are strong.

Recently, my guy and I were at a buffet and for dessert, I grabbed an apple tart and a slice of lemon meringue pie. My mother made EXCELLENT lemon meringue. In 36 years no one has come close. I got back to the table first and took a, (of course) disappointing bite and it hit me hard…..

I would never eat my mom’s lemon meringue pie again.

In the middle of the restaurant, I sat there with food in my mouth and tears going down my face. When he joined me and noticed that I was crying he said,

“What’s the matter?”

“……… my mom made really great lemon meringue pie…..”

He looked down at my plate and said the best thing ever…

“Yeah, but her apple tarts sucked.”

I laughed so hard that I almost choked. He held my hand while I pulled myself together and we finished our meal.

Some women might feel like he was being insensitive but my point is, he did what he knew I needed. He said something funny. It wasn’t just funny, it was clever and quick. If he’d said something “Hallmark”, I would have rolled my eyes and felt insulted that he didn’t know me at all.

I will always remember that moment.

Especially when I want to punch him  🙂

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