Life lessons from a tomboy

Guys aren’t the only ones shoved into the Friend Zone. I’m sure that’s not a shock but it will be to those who believe girls NEVER get rejected for sex.

I’m small-breasted so automatically I’m unfuckable.

I’m not feminine in shape because I have an athletic body so I’m at least a size 8 and that’s just gross.

I have opinions and tell a filthy joke as well as any man so I’m classless.

When I walk into a room, men don’t stare at me……. but they talk to me!

That’s where I’m headed with this  🙂

I have learned so many valuable things being in the FZ that I’m a totally awesome girlfriend now. I knew a guy who was a bodybuilder and I was constantly asked, “Do I look fat today?” or “Do I look skinny today?”. I have NEVER asked that since then. It’s obnoxious to be around someone so insecure that they’re constantly in need of reassurance. Luckily it happened when I was 19 so I learned that lesson early!!

I was “skinny” once. I only ate once a day because, well, I was being an asshole to myself. For the first time in 30 years, my thighs didn’t touch and boy oh boy was I getting looks from men! For six months, I lived in a different body and I saw a totally different world in relation to male attention. Now please understand that, genetically, I have the body of a Samurai. I was born to be strong and athletic. My male friends in high school told me I was squat and looked like a boy. Hurtful, but it’s also true.

What I took away from that “skinny period” was why so many hot girls treat men poorly. With that much attention, they don’t need to be a decent human being when there are 10 others sniffing around. It reaffirmed my belief that I’d rather be a good average person than a sexy, superficial bitch.

**To the defense of my school friends, they also said I give off the air of being able to do damage. I don’t mind that so much!**

This last lesson is also an admission of a secret. To this day I feel asexual because I don’t get a reaction when I walk through a room. There is nothing I can do about that without surgery so I have to live with it. I see how men react to hot girls nearby and it can be devaluing as a woman sometimes. But having been around so many guys and watching them look at women I realized something very VERY important.

It doesn’t affect my relationship when I look at a hot guy. Not even a little. So why would it make him love me less? Simple as that. I even point out hot girls to my guy now.

I have a bunch more but you’ve probably stopped reading by now.


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